Roommate Selection

Roommate Selection

Living with a roommate is just one of many new experiences waiting for you at college. They are someone with whom you can share not only your room, but your WMU experience.

Choosing a roommate

You can live with a friend or meet someone new using WMU’s roommate search feature. When you apply for housing, we ask a series of questions about your living habits and interests. Those who opt in for the roommate search future can then use the answers to any of those questions to get a list of possible roommates and their contact information.

For those who want to live with a friend, both parties need to have a completed housing contract by June 1.

45% of WMU students say the best roommate matches are based on similar living habits. 25% said similar interests and hobbies make good matches.

Roommate search

Starting 10 a.m. EST April 2, those who opted in for roommates searches on the housing application can run their search. The “Find a Roommate” button is in the housing portal accessed via GoWMU.  You can search for people by answers to the lifestyle questions, personal interests or their academic college. The report will give you 20 people and their WMU email address so you can reach out to say hi and introduce yourself.

Once you’ve found a roommate, one of you will create a Roommate Group. Roommate Groups are how you and your roommate will get into the same room when you pick a hall and room in June.  

Roommate Groups

When you find someone you want to live with, one of you will create a Roommate Group in the housing portal. The group creator is the owner and can invite others to join the group.  When you are invited to join a group, you can accept, decline or ignore the invitation. You may also leave a Roommate Group at any time if you meet someone new. Remember to keep an eye on your WMU email because all roommate notifications will come to this address.

Roommate Groups are how you and your roommate will get into the same room regardless of your Room Selection Group dates. Whomever has the earlier date can find a room and reserve it for both of you.

To create a Roommate Group or reply to an invitation to join one, log in to GoWMU and choose the “Residence Life Housing” link under “My Self Service.” There is a Roommate Group button after clicking on “Residence Halls.” When you invite someone to join the group, you will need their name and Western Identification Number. After you enter their information, press “Search” to find them in the system and “Select” to confirm it is the right person. Press the “Submit” at the bottom of the page to send the invitation email. You will receive an email if they accept or decline the invitation, or track the status of your request in the Roommate Group feature.

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