Engineering student

Anyone majoring in a field of STEM should live in Engineering House. The environment is full of helpful people and resources to make the college experience better.


Engineering House

Western Michigan University’s Engineering House provides support for the challenges associated with being an engineering major. The community promotes collaboration and provides engineering-specific programming and activities. Events focus on building a support network, student success and having fun.


  • Prep for the Engineering Expo (engineering internship and job fair)
  • Chili Cook-off with engineering student organizations


  • Neighbors are in the same courses, making it easy to find study partners.
  • A Student Success Center offering tutoring in math, chemistry, physics and engineering on the first floor.
  • Computer lab with engineering-specific software.
  • Housing staff who understand the rigors of being an engineering major.
  • Past activities include building spaghetti bridges, how to get an internship, video games and building a gravity well.
  • Located in Ackley Hall [Valley 1].