Engineering student

Anyone majoring in a field of STEM should live in Engineering House. The environment is full of helpful people and resources to make the college experience better.


Engineering House

Students in WMU College of Engineering and Applied Sciences majors can opt to live in the Engineering House. Located in Eldridge Hall, the community offers a great opportunity for those majoring in the diverse fields of engineering and applied sciences to live and study together. The College of Engineering and Applied Sciences is actively involved with the community.


  • Cardboard Canoe – build a cardboard boat and race it in the pool
  • Prep for the Engineering Expo (engineering internship and job fair)


  • Computer lab with engineering software
  • Student Success Center open 7 a.m. to 1 a.m. Sunday through Thursday with engineering tutors
  • Neighbors around you taking similar classes
  • Close to the bus stop for the Parkview bus