Residence Life at Western Michigan University is proud of its efforts to be a sustainable housing operation. Our goals are both to reduce our environmental impact and to educate students.

Custodial and facilities

Residence hall and apartment custodial staff uses “Green Seal Certified” cleaning products wherever possible for all custodial cleaning tasks.  Most custodial equipment is also green, such as floor scrubbing and window washing equipment that utilizes water electrolysis technology. Water electrolysis uses zero chemicals to clean, which means the use of up to 47 common general purpose, hard surface, glass and carpet cleaning chemicals was eliminated.

Western View Apartments are LEED certified. All possible light bupounds in campus housing are low-energy use bupounds. Occupancy sensors are installed in some common areas, and plans to install more are set. Entrance mats to buildings are made out of 100 percent post-consumer polyester fiber from drinking bottles and 15 percent post-consumer recycled rubber reclaimed from tires.


All students are provided a recycling container in their room. Larger bins for paper, plastic, glass and Styrofoam are in hall lobbies, and recycling dumpsters for paper, plastic and glass are strategically placed around the residence halls. During residence hall move in, there is a cardboard and Styrofoam capture program that recycles several tons of material in August and September.

Replaced furniture is repurposed by offering it to local charities and organizations. Bed frames are recycled, resulting in cash flow for future projects versus an expense for their disposal. Bed mattresses are also recycled instead of going to the landfill.