Student Conduct Process

A basic component of living on campus at Western Michigan University is that all students are responsible for their actions and that there are natural consequences for inappropriate behavior. A student documented for an alleged violation of the Student Code of Conduct or the Housing and Residence Life Community Living Expectations will meet with a Housing staff member for an official hearing. The hearing is part of the investigation into what allegedly happened. Conduct hearing officers are typically hall directors and assistant hall directors of the residence hall or apartment complex where the student lives. During a hearing, students are informed of their rights, are able to share information about their situation, and are provided with documentation of the outcome when one is reached. More details can be found via the Student Code of Conduct and Office of Student Conduct links below.

Conduct process procedure

Alleged violation occurs
Staff member writes incident report
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Student is sent notice of alleged violation
May result in a meeting with staff from Residence Life or the Office of Student Conduct
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Meeting is held
Student is given information about alleged violation(s) and possible penalties, and given a choice to accept or not accept responsibility for the alleged violation(s)
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Hearing is held with staff from Residence Life
The Office of Student Conduct hearing may occur during the same time frame as the meeting mentioned above or a separate time will be set up; student shares information about his/her situation 
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Student is informed about decision of hearing
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Student can appeal this decision in writing within five days
University business days


A student’s conduct file is part of their private, educational record protected by the Family Educational Records and Privacy Act. As such, Residence Life staff members are unable to share details of your student’s conduct file unless a written request for release of information is obtained from the student.

Parental notification

When students are found to be responsible for violating a drug- or alcohol-related policy, they will send home a letter via Residence Life notifying the parent or legal guardian of the situation. This notification is meant as a means of branching communication between the parent/guardian and student, so we encourage you to discuss the situation with your student and explore avenues for positive decision-making in the campus environment.

Community Living Expectations

The Community Living Expectations is Residence Life’s policy book. It falls under the umbrella policies of the WMU Student Code. Residents receive a copy and are expected to review the book. A copy of the CLE and highlights of key policies are available online.

WMU Student Code of Conduct

The Student Code of Conduct outlines how students are expected to conduct themselves in the University setting as well as in the community. Residence Life partners with the Student Rights and Responsibilities to provide guidance and accountability for students living in on-campus housing in accordance with the Code and housing policies.