Honors LCA

Living in the Honors Community has been a great experience. I am surrounded by people who have similar academic goals as me.


Honors Community

Western Michigan University’s Honors Community is about starting strong at WMU and making lasting connections. The community is designed to ease the transition into university life, support the Honors College experience, provide networking opportunities, and promote overall academic and personal wellness.


  • Lunch with Honors advisors.
  • Connecting students with opportunities to meet their honors service hours.


  • Housing staff who understand the unique demands of honors students.
  • Past activities include lunch with honors advisors, chats with the Dean, story time and fun things to help de-stress.
  • Located in Garneau Hall [Valley 2]

Honors or academic learning community?

Honors students have a hard time deciding which learning community fits them best. Academic learning communities mean everyone on your floor has a similar major. You’re more likely to have classes with your neighbors, and everyone has a similar career direction.

The Honors Community has a greater diversity of majors on the floor. You will network with people from across campus and have neighbors who understand academic commitment and working toward personal goals.