Health Professionals

It is so amazing to be able to live in a space with others who easily relate to your successes and struggles, whilst also having so many opportunities to grow your relationships/make new ones!


Health Professionals Community

Western Michigan University’s Health Professionals Community promotes collaboration and support for students interested in health-related careers. The community is designed to create opportunities for you to succeed through sharing knowledge, building a support network and having fun with peers who share a passion for helping others.


  • Triage Olympics.
  • Making blankets for foster youth.
  • Hosting a blood drive.


  • Members are a mixture of pre-nursing, social work, biomed and other health-related majors. 
  • Neighbors are in the same courses, making it easy to find study partners.
  • Housing staff who understand the demands of STEM and social science majors.
  • Past activities include Triage Olympics, visiting the Anatomage Table’s 3D bodies to learn anatomy and making blankets for foster youth. 
  • Located in Eicher Hall (Valley 2).