Health Professionals LCA

It is so amazing to be able to live in a space with others who easily relate to your successes and struggles, whilst also having so many opportunities to grow your relationships/make new ones!

Reese - Health Professionals LCA

Health Professionals Community

Students pursuing WMU College of Health and Human Services majors or seeking health-related careers can opt to live in the Health Professionals Community. Located in Eicher Hall, the community is a great opportunity for those pursuing health-related fields to interact and study together. The College of Health and Human Services and Sindecuse Health Center supports the community.


  • Triage Olympics
  • Making blankets for foster youth
  • Learning about alternative therapies like acupuncture


  • Residents are a mixture of pre-nursing, social work, biology/pre-med and other health-related majors
  • Neighbors around you taking the same classes
  • Tutoring for biology, chemistry, anatomy, physiology, psychology and math in the hall
  • College of Health and Human Services involved in the community with events like Dinner with the Dean and trivia competitions with faculty
  • A fitness room is located in the hall
  • Two Learning Community Assistants who are majoring in the College of Health and Human Services – they plan events, share advice, form study groups, and help you as you need them