Fine Arts House student

The best thing about being in Fine Arts House is that you’re around your people. It’s hard sometimes being a fine arts major and always having to justify your decision to be one. To everyone in this community, your decision is valid and it’s real and important.


Fine Arts House

Western Michigan University’s Fine Arts House is a great opportunity for those who love visual and performing arts to live together. The community cultivates creative synergy and support for embracing your craft. Events focus on building a support network, student success and having fun.


  • Courtyard Acoustics
  • Self-defense/campus safety session
  • Karaoke night
  • Discussions on a variety of topics like typecasting, preparing for music juries, how to do a studio show, etc.


  • Creative environment supportive of all the arts.
  • Large open space for dance and theatre practice.
  • Housing staff who understand the work needed to succeed at your craft.
  • Past activities include courtyard acoustics, painting murals and topics unique to find arts majors like coping with audition results and type casting.
  • Located in Harvey Hall [Valley 2].