Parent Resources

Just as your student attending Western Michigan University is a family commitment, the transitions that happen the first year are family transitions. Our hope is that through this site you will find useful information as you and your student start a new adventure as a Bronco.

We believe that the best way to support your student and help them succeed is to enter a partnership with you. In Housing and Residence Life, our staff, programs and services are all designed to help your student grow and develop. However, support and guidance will still be needed from home. By working together, we hope to ensure a successful year for your student.

A shift for many students entering college is the sense of responsibility and focus on self-reliance. They will be asked to problem solve on their own and be held accountable for their decisions and actions. However, they may still turn to you for help. Through the information in this site, we hope to support you as you continue to be a resource your student knows and trusts.

We are excited about the opportunities your student will experience while living with us at WMU. If at any point your student is experiencing difficulties, encourage them to seek out our live-in hall staff. Whether it is the resident assistant on the floor, the assistant hall director or the professional hall director, all are trained to be a support system and resource for your student. With continued support from home and the involvement of the Housing and Residence Life staff, we believe your student will find a home at WMU.


Roshona Porter,
Interim Director, Housing and Residence Life