Gender Inclusive Housing

Housing and Residence Life is committed to providing a safe, inclusive and supportive experience for all students. Recognizing that single-gender housing may not be appropriate or comfortable for everyone, Housing and Residence Life offers Gender Inclusive Housing in both the residence halls and apartments.

Gender Inclusive Housing is open to all students whose needs are not met by our traditional housing options and supports the University’s non-discrimination policy, which includes sexual orientation and gender identity. 

Due to spatial limitations, students are encouraged to contact Residence Life early.  We are highly committed to working with students to find the best accommodations possible, but there is no guarantee that all of a student’s housing preferences can be met.

GIH housing assignments for students wishing for inclusive options are guided by the following values:

  • Respect for an affirmation of the student’s gender identity and/or expression.
  • Prioritized attention to the student’s physical safety and emotional health.
  • Enhanced opportunities for student success at WMU by finding the best match between the student’s needs and the options available.

Options for Gender-Inclusive Housing

Residence hall assignments may include

  • Single or double rooms with a private bath
  • Single or double rooms with an attached bathroom (shared with another single or double room)
  • Single or double rooms with a gender-specific bathroom in close proximity
  • Students can select their own roommate, or Residence Life can assist with identifying a roommate

Apartment assignments

  • Furnished or unfurnished one-bedroom apartment with kitchen and bath
  • Furnished or unfurnished two-bedroom apartment with kitchen and shared bath
  • Western View - Furnished or unfurnished two-, three- or four-bedroom apartments; each resident has a private bedroom and bathroom

Spectrum House

Spectrum House is a residential learning community where students of diverse gender identities/expressions and sexual orientation, including allies, live and learn together in an inclusive and supportive community.  Residents within Spectrum celebrate and affirm the cultural experiences of gender expansiveness while welcoming the diverse and complex identities of every resident. Spectrum works closely with the Office of LBGT Student Services to create a community of respect and a sense of family for all residents. This community supports students who identify as transgender or gender non-conforming in choosing (or being placed with) a roommate of any gender. 


If you have questions about WMU’s gender-inclusive housing options, please contact Karen Lamons, housing assignments coordinator, at (269) 387-4742 for a personal and confidential conversation about your housing options.

If you have questions regarding gender-identity, gender-expression, gender non-conforming or transgender student support, feel free to contact the Office of LBGT Student Services. The Office offers support, education and advocacy around issues of gender identity/expression and sexual orientation to the WMU community.