Gender Inclusive Housing

Housing and Residence Life is committed to providing a safe, inclusive and supportive experience for all students. Recognizing that single-gender housing is not the right fit for everyone, we offer Gender Inclusive Housing (GIH) in both the residence halls and apartments.

GIH-designated rooms are open to any student interested in gender inclusive housing, regardless of sex assigned at birth, gender identity or gender expression. In multiple-occupant spaces, GIH is designed to bring together LGBTQIA+ students with others who identify as advocates or peers in the LGBTQIA+ community. 

GIH housing is guided by the following values:

  • Affirmation of all students' gender identity and/or expression
  • Reducing student concerns about physical safety and emotional health based on their living space
  • Enhanced opportunities for student success at WMU by finding the best match between a student's needs and housing options available

We are committed to working with students to find the best possible housing option for them, but there is no guarantee that all of a student's housing preferences can be met.

  • Residence Halls

    GIH rooms and suites are in all Valley Halls and Western Heights. During the housing sign up process, interested students must opt in to GIH. Opting in means: 

    • only GIH spaces will show when selecting a room, and
    • only other students who selected GIH will appear in the Roommate Finder.

    If you do not want to live with someone with a different sex assigned at birth than yours, do not select GIH housing. 

    Room type options include: 

    Valley Halls

    • Single or double room with an attached bathroom (shared with another single or double room); coed floor

    Western Heights

    • Double room with centrally located private unisex bathrooms; coed house
    • Double room with a gender-specific bathroom in close proximity; single-sex house
    • Students can select their own roommate 

    Ally support

    Allyship refers to the actions, behaviors and practices that individuals take to support, amplify and advocate with others, most especially with individuals who do not have the same social identities as themselves. Students open to sharing spaces with individuals of different gender identities may opt in to GIH as well. 

  • Apartments

    Apartments are a mix of one-bedroom and multi-occupant units that are single-gender or coed; bathrooms can be shared or private. Students self-select where they want to live during the apartment sign up process. Students must must meet apartment eligibility (continuing or transfer student with at least 26 WMU credits). 

    Unit type options include: 

    • Furnished or unfurnished one-bedroom apartment with kitchen and bath
    • Furnished or unfurnished two-bedroom apartment with shared kitchen and shared bath 
    • Furnished or unfurnished two-bedroom apartment with private kitchen and shared bath
    • Western View - Furnished or unfurnished two-, three- or four-bedroom apartments; each resident has a private bedroom and bathroom
  • Spectrum House

    Spectrum House is an empowering, inclusive community where students can explore concepts of gender identity, gender expression and sexual orientation. The community promotes acceptance and understanding of personal identities and gender expansiveness in a safe and affirming environment. 

    Student living anywhere in Britton/Hadley may be part of the Spectrum community, attending events and using resources. One floor in the building has all GIH suites. 

  • Questions

    Contact Housing at or (269) 387-4735 for a personal and confidential conversation further explaining Gender Inclusive Housing.

    If you have questions regarding gender identity, gender expression or transgender student support, contact the Office of LBGT Student Services. The Office offers support, education and advocacy around issues of gender identity/expression and sexual orientation to the WMU community.