Single Rooms

Looking for a bit more space? Then a single room may be for you.

  • A single is a two-person room converted to a single occupancy room by removing the extra bed. Rooms come with 1-2 desks with chairs and 1-2 dressers. All furniture provided must remain in the room. 
  • A guaranteed single is an architecturally smaller room designed for one occupant.
  • Singles are available in all halls with the exception of Western Heights.
  • Singles are a higher cost than a traditional double room.

  • Upper-level students have priority for single rooms, but first-year students may request them and are assigned as space is available.

Floor plans

Floor plan schematics


Floor plan schematics

Draper/Siedschlag and Burnhams

Floor plan schematics

French and Zimmerman

Floor plan schematics


*Floor plans are for reference and not to scale.