Choosing your room

Watch the how-to video

During June, students self-select their residence hall and room for fall semester. Completing the housing application reserves a space and assigns you to a Room Selection Group. In May, we will email your WMU address with your assigned date to login and choose your room. Room Selection Groups are assigned based on the date your housing contract is completed.

When it is time to choose your room, log in to GoWMU and choose the “Residence Life Housing” link under “My Self Service.” Click “Residence Halls” and “Choose my Room” to get started. When you are on the room selection page, you will see a campus map. There are three ways to navigate to get to the room you want.

  • Click the building you want on the map, and then any floor. 
  • Use the neighborhood and hall list under “Available Rooms by Living Area.” 
  • Search using the Use 2 code. The dropdown will state the type of room (singe, double, triple, quad) or if the room is a learning community space.  Once you apply the filter, only those spaces will show on the map as available.

 Room Selection Screen Shot

When you find a room you want, click on the bed to choose it.

  • Available beds are in green and do not have an X over them.
  • If you click on beds with an X, you can see the age, major and answers to the roommate questions by the occupant.
  • Single rooms show only one bed and are a higher rate.
  • Suites are shown on the map with a shared bathroom between them. Suites are single-gender.

How does it work if my roommate is in a different Room Selection Group? This is where you use a Roommate Group to link you and your roommate. Then, whomever chooses a room can claim it for both of you regardless of your Room Selection Groups. Read the Roommate Selection page for more information.

Assignments for spring semester

Students who sign up by mid-December will receive an email with directions on how to enter the housing system to self-select their residence hall and room. Students who sign up after mid-December will rank order their residence hall choices and be assigned by Residence Life staff. Roommate contact information is emailed to your WMU student email account once a room is selected or assigned.

Assignments for summer housing

Students receive their room assignment when they arrive to check in to the summer school hall. Click here for summer housing details.

Gender Inclusive Housing

Residence Life is committed to providing a safe, inclusive and supportive experience for all students. Recognizing that single-gender housing may not be appropriate or comfortable for everyone, Residence Life offers Gender Inclusive Housing in both the residence halls and apartments.