Choosing your room

Watch the how-to video

Students with a completed housing contract self-select their residence hall, room and meal plan in early June. In late May we email your WMU address with your assigned date and time to choose your room. All students are entered into a lottery to determine the order they choose their room in early June. 

Login to the housing portal.   Choose Residence Halls >> Fall + Spring Room and Meal Plan Selection.  Selecting a hall, floor and bed is similar to how you would choose a seat for a concert on StubHub or Ticketmaster.  Available halls, floors and rooms will be outlined in green.  Open beds are in green or show as an open circle.  

  • Beds with an X or solid dot are already occupied.  
  • If you click on beds with an X, you can see the person’s age, college and roommate profile.
  • The total number of beds in a room equals the room type – single, double or triple.  Single rooms are a higher rate

Suites are shown on the map with a shared bathroom between them. Suites are single-gender.

How to navigate – 3 options

  • Use the interactive map to click on a building and floor to see a floor map. Then choose a bed. 
  • Use the Use 2 code to filter for single rooms or a learning community.  Only those rooms will show as green so you know what halls or floors have space.
  • Use the “Available rooms by living area”.  Click the arrows to list out buildings and floors, and then click on the floor to see the floor map.  The number in parenthesis after the hall or floor name is the number of available spaces. This is the quickest way to see how much space is open where!

Screen shot of room selection tool


If you have someone you plan to live with, be sure your Roommate Group is set before you choose a room. Double check that the person invited to the group accepted.  You cannot add a Roommate Group after you choose a room.

Assignments for spring semester

Students who sign up by mid-December will receive an email with directions on how to enter the housing system to self-select their residence hall and room. Students who sign up after mid-December will rank order their residence hall choices and be assigned by Residence Life staff. Roommate contact information is emailed to your WMU student email account once a room is selected or assigned.

Assignments for summer housing

Students receive their room assignment when they arrive to check in to the summer school hall. Click here for summer housing details.

Gender Inclusive Housing

Residence Life is committed to providing a safe, inclusive and supportive experience for all students. Recognizing that single-gender housing may not be appropriate or comfortable for everyone, Residence Life offers Gender Inclusive Housing in both the residence halls and apartments.