• Custodial

    Residence halls:

    Custodial services clean all public spaces.  Our custodial service uses "Green Seal Certified" cleaning products wherever possible, as well as electrically activated water (EAW) achieving nearly chemical-free cleaning of floors and other hard surfaces.

    • Valleys:  Students clean and stock their own bathrooms.
    • Western Heights:  Custodial cleans the bathrooms three times a day.  Morning and afternoon they disinfection and restock, and a deep clean happens mid-day.


    • Arcadia Flats: Students maintain their own apartment.  Custodial cleans all public areas.
    • Spindler Hall:  Custodial cleans the bathrooms twice a day as well as all public areas.
    • Stadium Drive Apartments:  Students maintain their own apartment. A student custodial crew cleans the stairwells and laundry facility.
    • Western View:   Students maintain their own apartment.  Custodial cleans all public areas.
  • Entertainment

    Students use the WMU network to access and stream content from their own personal streaming accounts. There is no University provided cable at this time.

  • Front Desk

    Each residence hall has a front desk open limited hours. At the desk, students can check out gaming equipment, games or cleaning supplies like vacuums and brooms. The desk is also where students will pick up packages.

    To check out equipment or pick up packages when the desk is closed, please go to the hall office.

  • Hall Office

    Residence halls have a business office open Monday through Friday. At the office you can ask questions, check out the cleaning or gaming equipment that is at the front desk, or speak with the hall director.

    The Apartments Complex Coordinator is located in the main housing office on the top floor of Faunce Student Services.

  • Internet Access

    All rooms, apartments and public areas have Wi-Fi that connects residents to ResNet, the high-speed residential computing network at WMU.  Ethernet ports are in all residence halls and apartments other than Arcadia Flats.  An Internet fee is charged to each student's WMU account. Visit the ResNet website for details.

  • Laundry

    Laundry is free for on-campus students.  Large laundry rooms are in each building or apartment complex.  High Efficiency detergent (HE) is preferred. There's even a laundry app to track your laundry and get notices when it is done.

    Western View: Residents have a stackable washer/dryer unit in their apartment.

  • Mail

    Residence halls:

    Each room has a mailbox that roommates share. It opens with your room key or a combination. Mail is distributed by 5 p.m. Monday through Saturday. Outgoing mail can be dropped off at the front desk. Package notifications are sent to your WMU student account. Bring your student ID to the front desk or the hall office to get the package.

    Your mailing address is a combination of your building name and street address. “Western Michigan University” should not be in the address.


    Mailboxes are in a central area or stairwell of your complex.  Packages are left by your apartment door or the mailboxes.  Spindler residents pick packages at the front desk.

    Your mailing address is a combination of your apartment number and street address. “Western Michigan University” should not be in the address.

  • Maintenance

    Bronco Fixit logoStudents can submit their own maintenance requests via Bronco Fix-It. If it is a maintenance emergency that threatens safety, security or sanitation, please contact:

    • Housing and Residence Life, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday: (269) 387-4735
    • Maintenance Service Center, 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday: (269) 387-8514
    • WMU Department of Public Safety, evenings, weekends and holidays: (269) 387-5555
  • Pest Control

    If you have pest concerns, please contact Housing at (269) 387-4735 to have a licensed exterminator inspect your room or apartment.  All unoccupied rooms and apartments are checked by a canine trained to detect bed bugs prior to the start of fall semester.

    Questions about bed bugs?

  • Public Areas and Special Spaces

    Residence halls:

    Each building has a variety of public areas residents may use. These include a kitchen, game rooms, TV rooms, study lounges and social lounges. 


    • Arcadia Flats: A variety of lounges and study nooks are throughout the building.
    • Spindler Hall:  On the main floor are a variety of lounges, a game room and a large kitchen.  Smaller kitchens are on each floor.
    • Stadium Drive Apartments:  Large open green areas surround the complex.  Small play area with a sandbox for children.
    • Western View:   Residents have a community center with a family-style kitchen, meeting rooms and exercise room.  Outside the community center is a large patio, fire pit and basketball court. 
  • Recycling

    Residence halls: 

    A recycling container is provided in each room. Larger bins for paper, plastic, glass and Styrofoam are in hall lobbies, and single-stream recycling dumpsters for paper, plastic and glass are strategically placed around the residence halls.


    Single-stream recycling dumpsters for paper, plastic and glass are strategically placed around the complex.

  • Utilities

    A major benefit of living on campus is utilities are connected and available when you arrive. Your housing rate includes electric, water and sewer.

    Western View:  Students pay their electric bill directly to Consumers Energy.

  • Vendors

    Housing works with select outside vendors to provide additional services for students. These vendors rent or sell common items students have in their residence hall rooms. Items include refrigerator/microwave combination units and futons.