Business student

Living in a learning community engaged me to interact with other students and offered the social, occupational, and mental support that I needed to kickstart my year. The Business Community encourages networking between peers and professionals.


Business Community

Western Michigan University’s Business Community provides support and networking opportunities for business students. Events focus on building peer support, supporting student success, exploring business majors and having fun with peers who share a passion for business and entrepreneurship. 


  • Kick-off with business ambassadors
  • Pizza with the Profs (network with faculty)
  • Pop Tart Party with Kellogg's college recruiters


  • Neighbors are often in the same courses.
  • In-hall academic advising prior to course registration
  • Community events count for SPuRS credit you need to graduate with a business degree
  • Housing staff who understand the demands of business majors.
  • Past activities include pizza with faculty, socials with corporate representatives and how to get a business externship.
  • Located in LeFevre Hall [Valley 2].