Aviation LCA

Networking is huge in aviation; by living the in Aviation House you can get to know your future coworkers from day one. Another advantage is that your neighbors are taking the same classes, so you never have to go far for a study partner.


Aviation House

Western Michigan University's Aviation House focuses on the total aviation experience. Events help build a support network, promote student success and encourage having fun with peers who share a passion for aviation.


  • Kalamazoo Air Zoo trip
  • Grill-out with College of Aviation faculty and staff
  • College of Aviation faculty and staff help students move into the hall


  • Neighbors are in the same courses. 
  • College of Aviation actively involved with the community, including faculty and staff planning and attending events in the hall.
  • Ample parking outside the hall and located close to the campus loading zone for the bus to Battle Creek.
  • Housing staff who understand the demands of aviation majors.
  • Located in Henry Hall