Living Learning Communities

Video of WMU Living Learning Communities

Living Learning Communities (LLC) are a great way to tailor your college experience by living with others who share similar majors or interests. Students have mentioned how they enjoy living with like-minded peers, attending events and using the academic resources provided in their community.


How do I sign up?

When you choose your room, pick one on the learning community floor. Living Learning Communities are noted in the navigation map and floor map when you choose your bed.


If the friend you want to live with does not match the learning community you want to live in, you can still live together in a learning community. Just know the person who matches the learning community will need to be the one to choose the room during room selection.

Academic communities

A community of people pursuing a similar major can create several advantages. Many students say this type of unique environment is a great way to make personal, professional and lifelong connections. Plus, with added academic support and neighbors in the same classes, academic LLC residents tend to have higher GPAs than their peers living elsewhere.

Interest-based learning communities

Students who share similar interests or life experiences also have the opportunity to live in a community together. This allows them to build lifelong bonds with individuals and deepen their understanding of shared values.

Contact Housing and Residence Life

  • Each residence hall has an office open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on weekdays and a front desk open evenings and weekends. The hall supervisor is located in the hall office, which is off the main lobby.