Housing Orientation – Residence Halls

Welcome to the WMU Residence Halls — we are excited you are joining us next semester! Below are brief summaries and links to common questions we get during the summer before students arrive. For information about dining and meal plans, please visit their orientation page.

Mail and packages

Each room has a mailbox that roommates share. It opens with your room key or a combination. Mail is distributed by 5 p.m. Monday through Saturday. Outgoing mail can be dropped off at the front desk. Package notifications are sent to your WMU student account. Bring your student ID to the front desk or the hall office to get the package. Your mailing address is a combination of your building name and street address. “Western Michigan University” should not be in the address.


A laundry room with large-capacity washers and dryers is in each building. There is a credit/debit card swipe reader on each unit. It is $1.50 to wash and $1.25 to dry a load of laundry. High Efficiency detergent (HE) is preferred. Download the laundry app to track your laundry and get notices when it is done. Western Heights residents use the Western Heights laundry program.

What to bring or not bring

Our number one question is about linens, so pack twin extra-long sheets. We have a great printable packing list that covers all the bases, including what to leave at home. Click here for: mini-refrigerators, carpet and other appliances, Bring your own or order through us to have it waiting in your room. TV compatibility, wireless compatibility for gaming systems, wireless printers and Google Home, and what not to bring.

What comes in a room?

Rooms have the basics – bed, desk, chair, dresser. Beds can be lofted in all halls other than the Burnhams. We are unable to provide dimensions of all furniture items in our housing system. The most common question we get is about lofts, so we can share: Lofts can be set to any height between 18 inches from the floor to greater than 5 feet in the adjustable track. Standard futons that are 80 inches or less in width fit under the lofts.

Hall services

Each building has a hall office open weekdays and a front desk open limited hours when the office is closed. From either you can check out gaming equipment, cleaning supplies like vacuums and brooms, kitchen equipment or games. Mail comes to the front desk, and you can pick up packages there. The professional staff who run the hall work out of the hall office. Click here to read more about cable, Internet, custodial, maintenance, recycling and pest control.


All guests must be at least 18 years old. You are limited to two guests at any one time. Overnight guests are permitted with roommate/suitemate approval and may not stay more than two nights. You are responsible for your guests’ behavior and must escort your guests at all times in the hall. Click here to see more about residence hall policies.

Staff and their role

Housing staff are here to help when you need us. The person you will interact with the most is the Resident Assistant, or RA. RAs are upper-level students who have skills in connecting with others, listening to concerns, and knowledge of campus services. They create a floor community through hall activities, assisting students with personal and academic concerns, and helping in emergency situations. RAs are the first person to go to for questions, guidance and involvement in hall activities.

Buildings are supervised by a team lead by a full-time professional hall director who lives in a hall. Building leadership is responsible for creating a learning environment by working with students and hall staff, managing the facilities, and supporting students with crisis intervention, academic support and student engagement opportunities.


You can live with a friend or meet someone through our Roommate Finder.

Can I still sign up?

Absolutely! Log in to the Housing Portal to begin. When you sign up determines when you choose your room, so be aware some housing options may be full the later we get into summer.

When Do I Choose My Room?

Room selection will begin July 13.  An email with directions and your assigned sign up time will be sent to your WMU account on June 26.  After choosing your hall and room, you will be promoted to choose your meal plan.  If you have a roommate, Roommate Groups need to be completed before selecting a room.


New move-in dates will be announced the week of July 13. Students will be assigned a move-in day and time to spread out arrivals. There is a limit of two move-in helpers, and masks must be worn at all times. Check-in will be online so only keys are issued on site. Click here for more details.

Safety and security

From building doors locked 24 hours to staff living on each floor, safety is a priority for Residence Life. Click here to see what campus and housing do, as well as our expectations of students.

Maximizing your first week

Your hall will have something happening almost every night the first few weeks you are here. Join in to meet people. We also recommend leaving your door open when you are home. It lets people know you are home and to stop in to say hi. Also explore what amenities are in your hall such as the game room, TV room, kitchen, study spaces and social lounges.

Cars and transportation

You can bring a car, even as a new student. Your parking permit will be for a lot located near your residence hall. There are free shuttle buses on campus through Bronco Transit, and the Kalamazoo Metro public transportation is free for students. For more information about parking regulations and permits, visit Parking Services.

Still have a question?

Contact us at WMU-housing@wmich.edu or (269) 387-4735.


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