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  • What is it like living on campus?
    Video of Living on Campus at WMU
  • Where do first-year students live?

    First-year students can choose any residence hall.  Most new students live in the Valley, followed by the Western Heights complex.



    Western Heights Complex

    Where first-year students live



    Average building makeup

    • 62% first-year students
    • 29% upper-level students
    • 9% transfer, international and graduate students

    100% first-year students

    Learning Communities



  • What are Learning Communities?

    Learning Communities are a great way to tailor your college experience by living with others who share similar majors or interests.  Hear what students say about the experience.

    • 30% of first-year students opt for a learning community

    • Learning community residents’ GPA’s average 0.19 HIGHER than their non-learning community peers

    • Learning community residents graduate in four years at nearly double the rate as students living off campus

    Can I still live with a friend if they are not eligible for the learning community?

    Absolutely!  Just know that the person who matches the learning community concept will need to be the one to select the room due to the eligibility filters.


  • What are the choices for transfer students?

    Transfer students can live in any residence hall other than Western Heights. Many choose the Transfer Community. The community is designed to ease your transition to WMU by hosting activities and social events that focus on connecting residents with other students, the campus and Kalamazoo.

    Students who will have 26 transfer credits are eligible for the WMU Apartments.

  • Is summer housing available?

    Yes.  A residence hall is designated for summer housing

    Summer contracts are also available for Stadium Drive Apartments and Spindler Hall for those who meet eligibility.

  • Are single rooms available?

    There are single rooms in the residence halls and one-bedroom options in the apartments.  Residence hall singles are limited, and returning students have first priority to choose a room.

  • When do I pick my housing?

    Residence hall students do not pick their room when they sign up for housing.  Room selection comes later in the process. 

    • New students starting fall semester choose their room and meal plan in June.
    • New students starting spring semester choose their room and meal plan in December. 
    • Returning students choose their room in January and February for the following fall semester.

    Apartment residents choose their unit when they sign their housing contract.

    More details are on our sign-up page.

  • Gender-inclusive housing

    Housing and Residence Life is committed to providing a safe, inclusive and supportive experience for all students. Recognizing that single-gender housing may not be appropriate or comfortable for everyone, Housing offers Gender Inclusive Housing in both the residence halls and apartments.

  • Accommodations

    Students requesting disability-related accommodations should contact:

    Disability Services for Students
    Western Michigan University
    1903 W Michigan Ave
    Kalamazoo MI 49008-5326
    Phone: (269) 387-2116
    TTY: (269) 387-2120
    Fax: (269) 387-0633