Housing Options

Housing options for 2020-21 are different than what was shared during campus visits and housing and dining publications. Changes were made to promote health and safety and ensure that the University can effectively operate at the highest level for all students. Social distancing requirements and related constraints brought on by COVID-19 required us to temporarily forego the use of some facilities. We realize this news may be disappointing. Please know that we took each decision seriously and made them with great care and consideration.

Living on campus is a unique home away from home experience. Western Michigan University's housing is intentionally designed to help students become engaged in college life, form diverse social networks, and easily participate in academic activities and learning opportunities. By establishing strong social and academic connections, campus residents are more likely to develop a sense of belonging and achieve their educational goals. Every living area offers unique features with a combination of residence halls, apartments, dining facilities, academic services and cultural resources.

Residence Halls



New Housing