Rendering of exterior of the new student center
  • Opening fall 2022, the WMU Student Center and Dining Facility will be the heart of campus. The Center enriches the student experience socially and intellectually by creating a safe hub of dialogue and a culture of civility welcoming all. Collaboration and inclusivity are in its architectural DNA which celebrates the Bronco spirit in a socially, economically, and environmentally sustainable setting.

Opening Fall 2022

WMU’s vibrant and distinctive new Student Center is under construction at the heart of WMU’s main campus in the Hilltop Village. The innovative design includes an array of diverse spaces and customer-oriented retail options, intentionally focused on creating a welcoming and inclusive environment. Support for student organizations, affinity space and lounges are integrated into the building plan to encourage social engagement and co-curricular activities, and to help connect the lines between the classroom and student life.


  • Highlights
    • 162,000 square feet; a major anchor in the Hilltop Village
    • State-of-the-art residential dining center featuring 8 micro-restaurants with innovative views of food preparation, cuisines ranging from traditional to on-trend and international selections, multiple seating options and outdoor views of campus and a grab’n go location
    • Student organization resources center featuring nearly three times the current space
    • Seven unique lounges and two study rooms
    • Restaurants – Starbucks, Mi Pi, Fuego Verde, Re-Fresh Market and a pub
    • Campus bookstore
    • Game On game room
    • Commuter Resource Center
    • Variety of meeting rooms
    • Mosaic Affinity Suite
    • PNC branch bank
    • FedEx print/pack/ship store
    • Admissions Welcome Center
    • Student pop-up space
    • Student Media Group
    • Parent's room
    • Wonderful views of campus with beautiful outdoor spaces surrounding the building
  • Design drivers

    The innovative design will cultivate an environment that will:

    • Celebrate Western Michigan University’s unique identity and promote Bronco pride.
    • Become a vibrant and timeless expression of student life.
    • Create a sense of WOW where students are compelled to gather, find meaning and explore.
    • Create, foster, and enable a culture of civility, inclusivity and living-learning support.
    • Be outwardly engaged to the community and to the globalized world.
    • Focus on the student experience - success, wellness, entertainment and dining.
    • Create flexible, efficient and accessible spaces inside and out that easily adapt to changes in use.

Land acknowledgement

We would like to recognize that Western Michigan University is located on lands historically occupied by Ojibwe, Odawa, and Bodewadmi nations. Please take a moment to acknowledge and honor this ancestral land of the Three Fires Confederacy, the sacred lands of all indigenous peoples and their continued presence.


  • First floor, WMU student center
  • Second floor, new student center
  • Third floor WMU Student Center

New Student Center Floor Plans

The new Student Center and Dining Facility is set to open next year as various units begin moving into the building. The first two floors will contain most of the student-focused functions, and the third floor includes administrative office space and a full-service Dining Center