Student Center Dining - Opens Aug. 28

Located on the third floor of the Student Center, this dining center offers food from multiple venues with an assortment of fresh prepared-to-order options.

Dining center options

  • Classics

    Comforting hot breakfast selections with a modern flare.

  • The Garden

    Bountiful fresh greens, vegetables, beans, proteins, cheeses, toppings with a variety of dressings.

  • Fireside

    Contemporary grill menu, char-broiled chicken, hamburgers, hot dogs, vegan burgers, grilled cheese and hot, French fries​.

  • Delight

    Home of the on-campus Gold'n Brown Bakery, featuring freshly baked desserts and breads.

  • Slice

    Pizzas baked in a state-of-the-art oven with a viewing window.

  • Village Deli

    Full deli counter with extensive selections and a fast-pressed panini option​.

  • Rendering of Hand Picked and Simply interiors

    Select gluten-free alternatives with dedicated equipment to supplement the dining center choices.

  • Global Fusion

    A Future Opportunity to showcase globally inspired recipes using traditional cooking equipment.

  • Rendering of Dash interior


    A Future Opportunity! Temporary location for Morphowave enrollment during office hours.