Panel prestentation in the Student Center


Interested in reserving space in the new WMU Student Center? 

Advance Reservations Process

With over 12,000 square feet of meeting and event space, the Student Center is able to support the WMU campus community in a variety of ways. The Student Center is student first and to that end registered student organizations (RSOs) will have the first opportunity to make reservations, after which departments will be able to request space. 


  • What rooms are available in the Student Center?

    There are four multipurpose meeting rooms, two of which are dividable including a 5,000 square foot ballroom. In addition, there are six conference room. All are equipped with the latest AV technology including cameras and microphones to support hybrid meetings.

  • How much will it cost to use a meeting room?

    RSOs will be discounted 100% except Ballroom A/B. Departments are required to pay a room rental fee to use all meeting rooms. All room rentals include the use of a AV technology and hybrid meeting technology.

  • How many dates may I request at one time?

    RSOs may request one general body meeting per week. RSOs may also request up to three programs per semester. A program is a special event that is not a standard weekly meeting. Examples are banquets, conferences, lectures, yard shows, receptions.

    Departments may generally request one room per week, however, if demand requires more than one meeting per week, please contact the Student Center event management team.

  • How will catering work in the new Student Center?

    Departments will be able to choose from several pre-qualified catering companies. RSOs may either use the pre-qualified catering companies, or may engage restaurants and catering companies that prepare food in a Kalamazoo County certified kitchen. Student Center event management team will work with RSOs to approve caterers.

  • I need multiple rooms for my program. May I request more than one room on a specific day?

    Yes, many programs and events require the use of multiple rooms. Contact the Student Center event management team if you are planning such a program or event.

  • I’m an RSO and I need to meet more than once a week. Can I do that?

    RSOs may book additional weekly meetings, practices, and rehearsals, at the start of the third week of the semester, pending room availability.

  • I don’t have an exact date or time for my event. Can I hold multiple dates?

    No. Due to anticipated demand, no more than one date may be reserved for each one event or program.

  • Can I get into my meeting room before the booking begins?

    Yes, each booking will have a window between 15-30 minutes, depending on the size of the room, in which the sponsoring organization may access the room. If your event/program requires longer set-up time, please contact the Event Management team and we’ll work that out.

  • I’ve submitted my request. Now what?

    You’ll receive notice that your request was received. When the reservation request is accepted, you will receive a confirmation with further instructions. If your request is denied you will receive a message explain why and what options might be available.

  • What if I cancel my reservation?

    Notice of cancellation must be made by contacting the Student Center Event Management team via phone or email (269) 387-4860, To avoid a cancellation fee, make sure you cancel conference rooms with at least five (5) business days’ notice. Ballroom A, B or A/B must be cancelled with at least 20 business days’ notice.

    Failure to cancel in a timely manner will result in cancellations fees as follows:

    1. Conference rooms: first time per semester is a warning, second time per semester is a $50 no show/cancellation fee
    2. Rooms 2207, 2209, 2211, 2213: first time per semester is a warning, second time per semester is a $100 no show/cancellation fee
    3. Ballroom A or B: $200 no show/cancellation fee each room (no warning), $400 for Ballroom A/B