Ackley Hall

Ackley/Shilling Hall (Valley 1)



Ackley/Shilling is a mix of students new to WMU, whether that be first-year or transfer students. The residents are excited to engage on campus and with their neighbors. Staff strive to build inclusive communities that showcase their Bronco spirit. There is a large parking lot located near the building. This building is home of the Transfer Community.


  • Transfer student community
    • Eligibility: 14 transfer credits and at least 20 years old or 21 transfer credits; veteran
  • Coed floors with suites assigned by gender
  • Card access system for interior and exterior doors
  • Beds do not loft but can be bunked
  • Dining center located within the Valley neighborhood

Walking Time

  • Valley Dining Center

    Valley Dining Center

    7 minutes

  • Bernhard Center

    Student Center

    10 minutes

  • Student Recreation Center

    Student Recreation Center

    15 minutes

  • Waldo Library

    Waldo Library

    15 minutes

The Room

Room dimensions: bedroom 12 feet by 12 feet 2 inches; entrance 5 feet 5 inches by 6 feet 1 inch.

Suites consist of two rooms that share a connecting bathroom. A total of four people live in a suite.

Furniture provided

  • Bed and mattress per person — beds are bunkable but do not loft
  • Two desks
  • Two chairs
  • Ackley:  One 6-drawer dresser to share; Shilling:  One 3-drawer dresser
  • One recycling bin

What about the bathroom?

  • One shower and toilet partitioned off for privacy
  • Counter with two sinks
  • Two medicine cabinets with mirrors
  • Four towel bars


Hall Director: Vacant
Graduate assistant: Vacant
Hall office phone: (269) 387-4755
Front desk phone: (269) 387-4754