Living Learning Communities

Housing options for 2020-21 are different than what was shared during campus visits and housing and dining publications. Changes were made to promote health and safety and ensure that the University can effectively operate at the highest level for all students. Social distancing requirements and related constraints brought on by COVID-19 required us to temporarily forego the use of some facilities. We realize this news may be disappointing. Please know that we took each decision seriously and made them with great care and consideration.

Learning Communities are a great way to tailor your college experience by living with others who share similar majors or interests. Participants talk about how they enjoy living with like-minded peers, attending events, and using the academic resources provided in their community. As one resident put it, learning communities are "a great way to make personal, professional and life-long connections."

Learning community residents graduate in four years at nearly double the rate as students living off campus.

Academic learning communities

It’s not required to live in the community if you are a member of the college it represents, but many students enjoy the advantage of people pursuing the same major living around them. 

Interest-based learning communities

These communities bring together students with similar interests or life experiences.

How Do I Sign Up For A Community?

When you choose your room for fall, pick one on the learning community floor. Learning communities are noted in the navigation map and on the floor map when you choose your bed.

Can I still live with a friend if they are not eligible for the learning community?
Yes. Just know that only the person who matches the learning community concept will be able to choose the room.