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Peer Academic Success Coaching

The Peer Academic Success Coaching program at Western Michigan University helps students perform to the best of their abilities. The goal is to help you attain the highest standards of academic excellence. Through the coaching process, you will work collaboratively with your coach to develop a plan of action to optimize academic performance and achieve your goals. You will learn strategies and techniques and receive support to take the steps necessary to enhance your learning experience at WMU.

Research shows that the most successful students use personal support services such as coaching. The most successful students realize early that asking for and taking advantage of help is a mark of intelligence and not an indicator of weakness.

About the coaching process

As part of the Peer Academic Success Coaching program, you will receive:

  •   Two hours each week of one-on-one sessions with your coach to build study habits and receive individualized content tutoring.
  •   Assistance in developing short-term, mid-range and long-term goals.
  •   Help to remain accountable for progress toward the achievement of those goals.
  •   Assistance with specific academic issues.
  •   Assistance with connections to additional University and departmental resources.


Who should apply?

Coaching is available to any undergraduate student interested in:

  • Enhancing their academic skills.
  • Making the most of their learning opportunities.
  • Receiving one-on-one help with your courses twice a week.

Apply for Peer Coaching CTA

Peer Coaches

  • Sayantan Basu (he/him)

    Year in College: Senior| Major/Minor: Applied Mathematics/Data Analysis | Courses: Any MATH class up until 5700, any STAT class up until 5610 | Help in other areas: Time management, study techniques, upscaling grades, creating routines, holistic growth and maintenance, managing curricular and co-curricular balance

  • Claire Elizabeth Polelle (she/her)

    Year in College: Senior| Major/Minor: Speech Pathology, Minor: American Sign Language | Courses: Any pre-speech related courses, also any 1000-level courses | Help in other areas: Time management, study skills, motivation

  • Kayla Rae Rae Fleming (she/her/hers)

    Year in College: 4th year | Major/Minor: Elementary Education/ Sport Coaching | Courses: Calc1-3, gen chem 1-2, university physics 1, engineering graphics | Help in other areas: Time management, prioritizing self-care, study skills

  • Cara Cannatello

    Year in College: Senior | Major/Minor: Digital Marketing Major, General Business Minor | Courses: most beginner business classes | Help in other areas: ​​Organizational skills, time management, study skills

  • Borsha Podder (she/her/hers)

    Year in College: Junior | Major/Minor: Computer Science/ Mathematics | Courses: Mathematics | Help in other areas: Time management, study skills, self-love, study concentration

  • Alayna Ostling (she/her)

    Year in College: Senior | Major/Minor: Sales and Business Marketing/ General Business | Courses: Marketing, accounting, management, business, electives | Help in other areas: Time management, schedule planning, and task organization

  • Shayla Zach (she/her)

    Year in College: Senior | Major/Minor: Psychology/ Sociology and Social Psychology | Courses: PSY 1000, PSY 1400, PSY 3240, PSY 3844, PSY 3000, PSY 2500, PSY 3960, SOC 2000, SOC 2100, SOC 3200, SOC 3900, SPAN 1010 | Help in other areas: Study Skills, Time Management, Using Microsoft Excel for Statistics, Using Microsoft Word, Writing Skills, and Organization for Classes.

  • Lydia Grace Cowan (she/her)

    Year in College: Senior | Major/Minor: Double major in Communications and Creative Writing | Courses: Any Communication or English Class. I can also assist with some WES courses | Help in other areas: Study skills, test preparation, organization, note-taking, writing skills, and well-being and stress management

  • Bri Pritchet

  • Amanda Ringewold Major: Aviation Management

  • Ellie Cool Major: Pre-Physical and Health Education K-12

  • Marie Herzog Major: Elementary Education

  • Maya Farr Major: Psychology

  • Gabriel Williams

  • Owen Brey Major: Nursing

  • Tobyn Wietfeld Major: Computer Science

Point of Contact

Megan Peterson

Peer Academic Success Coaching Program Manager


Western Michigan University is committed to supporting you in achieving your academic and personal goals. For specific comments or questions, or to learn more about Peer Academic Success Coaching, contact me directly or reach out to us on   Facebook.

  Contact Megan