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B.S. or B.A. in University Studies

A customized degree for the 21st century.


  • 78% higher earnings with a bachelor's degree than a high school diploma

    US Bureau of Labor Statistics

  • $1,174 median weekly earnings with a bachelor's degree

    US Bureau of Labor Statistics

  • 90% of Merze Tate College graduates were satisfied with their job.

    Washington Monthly

Program Overview and Quick Facts

Program Overview

University studies integrates your prior college coursework, from virtually any major, into one degree from WMU. You can earn your university studies degree entirely online. Or, when available, you can take courses face-to-face. Whatever your circumstance, the university studies program provides an efficient and flexible way to finish your bachelor’s degree on your terms. Achieve your dream, get your diploma, and become a proud WMU graduate!

Our program allows you to:

  • Maximize your past credits to work for your new goals.
  • Customize your curriculum to take courses that will help you reach your personal and professional aspirations.
  • Pursue convenient online courses taught by the same faculty that teach on campus.
  • Accelerate the path to completing your degree and advancing your career.

Our students are:

  •    Close to graduation but are no longer interested in their major.
  •    Transferring from another college or combining credits earned from multiple institutions.
  •    Able to study from anywhere in the world.
  •    Passionate about pursuing new opportunities to better themselves and enrich their careers.

Quick Facts

Quick Facts

Format: Flexible - Online or in-person

Typical completion: At your own pace

Credits required: varies by individual

Cost per credit hour:

  • $609.50 on-campus

  • $555.58 online

How to Apply

Because students often have questions about transferring credits, it's usually best to speak with an advisor before applying. Our advisors are here to help you navigate your path to graduation. With your official transcripts in hand, they can help you discover the possibilities that University Studies has to offer. They'll help you select your concentrations, choose your electives and make a plan to finish your degree.

University Studies Advisors

Jessica Parker

Director of Academic Advising


Noah Mercil

Academic Advisor

Career Opportunties/Transfer Info

Career Opportunities

  • 91% of graduates are actively working

  • 73% working in Michigan

  • $45,000 median annual salary

Many employers are looking for a bachelor's degree, not a specific major. A university studies degree is a great way to show employers that you have varied interests and experience as well as a diversified education. A customizable curriculum gives you the freedom to branch out to a maximum of three areas of study ("emphasis areas") to complement your previous coursework. You can find employment in the fields of your emphasis areas, just as if you minored in those subjects. For instance, if you have emphasis areas in business and health, you might search for job opportunities in health administration.

Info for Transfer Students

Info for Transfer Students


University studies is an excellent option for students transferring from another institution with 56 credits or more. View the transfer guides by selecting a school from the drop-down menu. Advisors will go through your transcripts with you to help you put together a customized plan for finishing your degree. 

View real-world career outcomes

Western Michigan University conducts an annual Post-Graduation Activities report for all programs and majors. Here you can view real career outcomes and testimonials of University Studies graduates.

Example Job Titles of University Studies Graduates

    • Client Care Specialist
    • Design Engineer
    • Director of Operations
    • District Manager
    • Emerging Technology Specialist
    • Executive Director
    • Food Service Manager/Supervisor
    • General Manager
    • Human Resources Manager
    • Hydroponic Farmer
    • Insurance Coordinator
    • Lab Support Technician
    • National Park Guide
    • Office Manager
    • Paralegal
    • Quality Manager
    • Sales Executive
    • Security Consultant
    • Senior Director
    • Simulation Technician
    • Software Engineer
    • Teacher
    • Team Leader
    • Transportation Analyst


Alumni Testimonials

  I needed a program that would make use of the credits I had earned at my previous university. I had taken two steps backward, and this program really helped me move forward again so I could work on completing a major goal I had set for myself. It's hard when you fall back and there is no one there to help you back up, but WMU and the University Studies program did that for me. I will be forever grateful for all that they have done.   

— Elizabeth Calloway, 2015

  • I decided to pursue a university studies degree because it gives me the chance to study particular areas while also giving me the flexibility to take classes that interest me.

    Patrick O'Keelean, 2016

  • For years I have worked three jobs, seven days a week and have raised two kids on my own. I never thought I would be able to add finishing my degree into the mix. Thanks to the university studies program, I finally see the light at the end of the tunnel and will be graduating in the spring... it feels good!

    Scott P., 2013

  • Working full time made it difficult to complete my remaining college credits. The biggest benefit was that I was able to complete most of my remaining courses online, which allowed me to continue to work full time.

    Cara Davis, 2011

  The University Studies program just made good sense. I could finish faster and stronger than if I had to go back and start over - or redo - part of my coursework. My advisor has been on my side since I made the decision to finish my degree. I owe my 4.0 GPA to her for insisting I apply for academic forgiveness. I started with a clean slate that now reflects my devotion to my studies. The University Studies program may be WMU's hidden gem. Thanks!   

— Bonnie Pfingst, 2016