Photo of Staci Perryman-Clark
Interim Dean, Merze Tate College
(269) 387-4184
Photo of Deveta Gardner
Associate Dean, Merze Tate College
(269) 387-4413
Photo of Brandy Anderson
Administrative Assistant Senior
(269) 387-4411
Photo of Matthew Bracey
Program Services Specialist, TRIO
(269) 387-2724
Photo of Mo Brooks
Internship Specialist
(269) 387-2745
Photo of Julie Carr
Career Development Specialist
(269) 387-2745
Photo of Stephanie Cox
Administrative Assistant II, Career and Student Employment Services
(269) 387-2745
Photo of Jonathan  Davis
Academic Services Specialist, TRIO
(269) 387-4449
Photo of Samantha Davis
Program Manager, Fall Welcome
(269) 387-2196
Photo of Amy Degner-Petillon
Administrative Assistant II
(269) 387-4350
Photo of Ronald  Dillard
Program Manager, Student Support Programs
(269) 387-4426
Photo of Dillon Dolby
Academic Advisor Senior
(269) 387-3331
Photo of Katie Easley
Director, Student Success
(269) 387-4455
Photo of Adrienne Fraaza
Director, Transition Programs
(269) 387-2332
Photo of Kenneth  Franks
Military Advocate
(269) 387-0742
Photo of Alicia Gipson
Student Success Navigator
(269) 387-0041
Photo of Tomika Griffin-Brown
Assistant Dean, Academic Advising
(269) 387-0282
Photo of Evan Heiser
Senior Director, Career and Experiential Education
(269) 387-2109
Photo of M'Myia Hughes
Director, Academic Support Programs
(269) 387-4426
Photo of Amanda Jeppesen
Student Employment Specialist
(269) 387-2745
Photo of Kimberly Johnson
Associate Director, TRIO Student Success Programs
(269) 387-4450
Photo of DebbieLynn Mayo
Student Success Navigator
Photo of Richard McMullen
Director, Academic Advising, Exploratory Advising
(269) 387-4414
Photo of Noah Mercil
Academic Advisor
(269) 387-4195
Photo of Steve Miller
Program Manager, New Student Programs
(269) 387-0741
Photo of Nesha Nesbitt
Student Success Navigator
(269) 387-4403
Photo of Buffy  Nespodzany
Assistant Director, Employer Engagement
(269) 387-2745
Photo of Randy Ott
Senior Director, Academic Collaboration
(269) 387-4174
Photo of Andrea  Page
Assistant Director, Internships
(269) 387-2754
Photo of Jessica  Parker
Director of Academic Advising, University Studies
(269) 387-4156
Photo of Jill  Parsons-St. John
Administrative Assistant II, TRIO
(269) 387-4440
Photo of Megan Peterson
Peer Academic Success Coaching Program Manager
Photo of Bonnie Pfingst
Senior Marketing Specialist
(269) 387-4129
Photo of Michelle  Ringle-Barrett
Program Manager, Bronco Study Zone
(269) 387-0314
Manager, Writing Center
(269) 387-4446
Photo of Kathleen  Robertson King
Student Success Navigator
(269) 387-4416
Photo of Carolyn  Smith
Program Manager, FYE/SYE
(269) 387-2180
Photo of Lynnae Stankus
Administrative Assistant Sr., Student Transitions
(269) 387-2187
Photo of Pam Sward
Career Development Specialist
(269) 387-2745
Photo of Shawn Tenney
Director of Service Learning
(269) 387-2139
Photo of Ewa Urban
Director, Assessment/Effectiveness
(269) 387-4995
Photo of Winnie Wilson
Program Manager, Supplemental Instruction