Gateways to Completion Program

Increasing student learning through evidence-based course redesign.

Program Overview

Program Overview

Gateways to Completion (G2C) is a support system and an extensive set of resources for faculty and academic administrators and support staff, providing them with methods, materials, and scaffolding to increase the success and retention of the university’s students.  One facet of G2C works with the instructors of specific sets of courses in 3-year cohorts on course redesign projects, but additionally, through the partnership with the Gardner Institute, opens up access for everyone affiliated with the university to the latest and the best higher ed practices.


  • High DEWI rates for historically underserved students
  • Large equity gaps between historically underserved students and white students
  • High levels of failure in "Gateway" courses
  • Barriers to faculty involvement in student success efforts


  • Improve teaching and learning
  • Increase instructor communication and collaboration
  • Gain access to in-class resources
  • Receive funding to network with a community of scholars at national conferences
  • Contribute to Institutional-level change that benefits everyone


  • Positive Partnership: Creating Equity in Gateway Course Success WMU featured on Inside Higher Ed

Success Stories

About the Gardner Institute

The mission of the Gardner Institute is to increase institutional responsibility for improving outcomes associated with teaching, learning, retention, and completion.

Web resources

The Gardner Institute's web resources are available at no charge to all WMU faculty, staff and students.

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G2C Liaisons

Katie Easley
Director of Student Success

Adrienne Redding
Faculty Specialist, Department of English