Alexander Ambs, B.B.A.'13

Sales Specialist, Big Buildings Direct

  • The Ambitious Achiever

    Alexander Ambs has a simple yet effective formula for living life to the fullest: Set goals, then demolish them. A product of WMU’s prestigious sales and business marketing program, Ambs has already amassed experience and surpassed sales goals in a number of industries, including cybersecurity, tech, infrastructure and healthcare. He most recently received a Presidents Club Award from Big Buildings Direct for exceeding $2.8 million in building sales.

When he’s not closing deals, Ambs can be found on the Florida coast, where he has been chasing his lifelong dream to become a professional wakeskater. In 2020, he won the Blackwater Junction Function Amateur Wakeskate Competition, turned pro, and was scooped up for sponsorship opportunities with companies like Waboba and GoPro. Wanting to share his passion for wakeskating with those who might not otherwise be exposed to the sport, he co-founded Dogtober—a burgeoning nonprofit that provides watersports equipment to children with autism.

First Job: “A landscaping business I started with my friend at age 12 that grew to over 15 accounts by knocking on doors and getting referrals. It was my first introduction to sales and was a job I had all the way through college during the summers.”