• Welcome to Western Michigan University

    We are the authorized graduate student government at Western Michigan University

  • Graduate Student Make a Difference Award ceremony 2017

    For the fourth consecutive year, the Graduate Student Association celebrated the Graduate Student Make a Difference Award ceremony.

  • Gradtalks and the 3MT competition

    Gradtalks and the 3MT competition give you the opportunity to present your research and win a scholarship. Details can be found on the Gradtalks tab.

  • Summer event 2017

     On Sat., July 22 graduate students, their families, and friends had a lot of fun during our picnic event at the WMU Recreation Center.

  • Leadership opportunities

    We have leadership opportunities available! For more details, please scroll to the bottom of this page.

Hello, and welcome to the 2017-18 school year!

Dear graduate student,

The Graduate Student Association at Western Michigan University is the authorized student government that represents graduate students before the administration. We are funded by a percentage of the Student Assessment Fee paid by on-campus graduate students when they register for courses. We utilize these resources to put together a variety of grants, academic activities, and social events. The GSA works hard to ensure that the interests, perspectives, and concerns of the graduate student body are heard and taken into account whenever WMU writes, revises, or eliminates policies and procedures that might affect us. In addition, we advocate for the creation and improvement of the University's services and practices to see that this institution always provides the best graduate education experience possible during our time here at WMU.

Please, know that everything the GSA does is only possible because of you. As a WMU graduate student, you are automatically a GSA member, and as such, you have the right to participate, contribute, and vote on all of the decision-making processes of this Association. Do not forget to visit our calendar of activities page to find the dates, times, and locations for all our general assembly meetings. We encourage you to get involved by coming to these monthly meetings, serving in one of our various committees, or serving in the leadership as an Executive Board member.

Moreover, on this website, you will find all the information you need about the things we do. For instance, the 3MT competition is a contest in which graduate students have to present their research in just three minutes to win one of the several prizes.And you can be part of it by following the guidelines available on that page. Also, this Association is proud to run the Hilltop Review, which is the multidisciplinary peer-reviewed journal of Western graduate students. This journal is published twice a year and you can be one of the winners of the prizes it has for the top categories. Last, you can stay updated by visiting our events page on which we advertise our social gatherings and fun activities. We are sure that you will find an event of your interest, as well as opportunities for professional development and networking. 

We hope to contribute to making your graduate student life at Western Michigan University a pleasant experience. Please, feel free to call our office (269-387-8207), email us (gsa@wmich.edu), or come by the GSA office (Graduate College 1st Floor Office 133 E, Walwood Hall), to ask any questions you might have about the services we provide.

Again, welcome to Western Michigan University. We hope to see you at the next GSA meeting!

Leadership opportunities!

The Association is currently looking for candidates in the following positions: Vice-President, Executive Board members, and the Director and Editor of the Hilltop Review journal. The positions' requirements and details on how to apply can be found in the PDF documents listed below.

Vice-president call.

Director and Editor of the Hilltop Review journal call.

Executive Board call.

Your voice at Western Michigan University!