Legislative Affairs


The Graduate Student Association Legislative Affairs. 

Our goals:

1.     To be at the forefront of the legislative discussions and proposals that affect graduate students here at Western Michigan University and the nation, more broadly.

2.     To be able to effectively inform graduate students of pertinent legislation affecting graduate education and to advocate on their behalf and with their best interests in mind, at the local, regional, and national level.

Legislation that affects our graduate students is our main concern. Our advocacy efforts focus on five legislative areas:

•       Funding graduate education.

•       Open Access to Federally Funded Research.

•       Graduate-professional student loans.

•       Domestic re-validation of student visas.

  •     Tax Reform.

Want to make a difference? We need your help! Call or mail your representative in support of the current legislation:

·       Affordable College Textbook Act.

·       Fair Access to Science and Technology Research Act (FASTR)

Minutes for the special meeting regarding the executive order on immigration.

Proposed resolutions and amendments:

1- Non-assistantship stipend revision

2- Plant More Trees on Campus

3- Split duties of the Director of Outreach and Professional Development

4- Event and operational expenses funding cap increase

5- Name change resolution 

6- Non-assistantship stipend increase proposal

7- Name change resolution for the GSA Director of Legislative Affairs

8- Changes to the selection process of the Parliamentarian and Director of Advocacy and Legislative Affairs.

9- Tenure change for the position of Director and Editor of the Hilltop Review.


 Campus Advocacy

Graduate broncos, let's help make WMU tobacco free and win prizes!!

Create a 30 seconds max PSA video that helps communicate to our campus community the tobacco free policy and our duty to comply. Specific details can be requested at wsa-vp@wmich.edu.

Prizes are as follow: 
1st: $500 WMU Bookstore gift card, have your video PSA shown at various WMU hosted athletic events, and the opportunity to present your PSA to President Montgomery and his Cabinet.
2nd: $200 WMU Bookstore gift card.
3rd: Athletic memorabilia.

*Video cameras/lighting equipment are also available in this contest to assist film makers who do not have equipment of their own. Contact: Logan Brown at wsa-vp@wmich.edu.

Deadline for submissions is February 18, 2018.


Tax Reform

See impact of current proposal on graduate students (2017) here.

Advocacy Events

In conjunction with the National Association of Graduate-Professional Students, our Association advocates for your interests on the Hill! There are two main advocacy events, one in the fall and one in the spring. Check our web page for updates on next events!

Good news! We have won the Association of the Year award at the 29th National Conference. We competed with around 30 graduate student governments across the nation. The prize is awarded to the graduate student government that has contributed the most to their students on campus as well as serving for the betterment of all graduate students in the country.


29th National Conference

Spring 2018 NAGPS & LAD Report