About Us

The Graduate Student Association's mission is to improve and advance graduate education through partnership, advocacy, leadership, and networking. This way, we aim to facilitate the academic success of all Western graduate students. 

Supporting our University mission of being learner-centered, research-driven and globally engaged is crucial. Therefore, graduate students needs are the main focus of our activities; we provide support in various capacities to graduate student research, and we value diversity as one of our core mission statements.

Our focus for the next few years is to develop, empower and amplify the voices of the graduate student at every decision-making level here at Western. 

All graduate students that are enrolled part time or full time at this University are considered members of the Association. In saying this, all graduate students are a part of our listserv. If you wish to be taken off the listserv, please email gsa@wmich.edu and include in the subject line: un-enroll from listserv.

The Association's office is located on the first level of Walwood Hall, East Campus; there, the Association executive board members will share their expertise to better serve you with any issues you may be having regarding your studies here at Western. Please feel free to come and visit us during our walk-in hours and by appointment. 

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Congratulations to all the Broncos who are graduating this Summer. We can't wait to see your successful journey ahead. Go Broncos!! 


GSA is now accepting applications for Vice President position for 2021-2022 Academic Year!!

Application procedure for VP 2021-2022 

This Vice President position is Full time Graduate Assistantship which requires 20 hours of work per week. 

Last day to apply: August 18, 2021 by 5 pm. with all required documents. 

Interviews will be conducted on a day between August 19 to August 26, 2021. 

GSA Summer 2 General Assembly Meeting will be held Virtually via WebEx  on August 27, 2021. The link for WebEx meeting will be sent to all graduate students. Do check out our "GENERAL MEETING CALENDAR" for agenda of the meeting. 

GSA is currently in the process of hiring new E-board members, so applications related to funding will be accepted from the beginning of Fall 2021 semester. 

Feel free to contact GSA at gsa@wmich.edu