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General Meetings 2019-20

GSA COVID-19 Update

GSA's March and April General Meetings have been cancelled in accordance with the University's guidelines on social distancing. 

Every graduate student is welcome to attend GSA general meetings. Lunch is provided at every general meeting. 






September 20 2:45pm Bernhard Center 209-210 Agenda Minutes 
October 25 2:45pm Sangren 1910 Agenda Minutes 
November 22 2:45pm Bernhard Center | 158-159 Agenda Minutes
December 6 2:45pm* Walwood Hall  Agenda  Minutes
January 24 2:45pm Bernhard Center | 157-158 Agenda  Minutes
February 21 2:45pm Bernhard Center | 105-106  Agenda  -
March 20  --- Cancelled Due to COVID-19 -
April 10 --- Cancelled Due to COVID-19  -

* The general meeting originally scheduled for December 6 was canceled but was reinstated by a motion at the November 22nd meeting. A meeting space will be announced soon. This meeting will not include a fully catered meal but there will be light refreshments. 

In compliance with the Michigan Open Meetings Act, we would like to express to all meeting attendees that live recordings of our public meetings may take place at any time. By attending our public meetings, you are agreeing to the possibility of being filmed or having your photo taken and posted to our Graduate Student Association social media platforms (i.e. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube) and/or university website. For more information about the Michigan Open Meetings Act please visit:


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