Lauren Hillsburg, B.B.A.'18

Customer Executive, Hormel Foods

  • Pictured is Lauren Hillsburg.

    Food Sales Superstar

    Lauren Hillsburg challenges anyone to come up with a better food pairing than peanut butter and bacon. As customer executive for Hormel Foods, she manages brands at Safeway in Denver, Colorado, and loves cooking up tasty combinations and recipes to share with buyers (Skippy and bacon products are her favorite!).

Being part of the Hormel team also allows Hillsburg to embrace philanthropy, as the company partners with Safeway to give back to the community. Their most recent initiative involved donating more than 3,000 jars of Skippy to a Denver-based food bank.

When she’s not bringing home the bacon, Hillsburg dedicates her time to the Network of Executive Women. After receiving a NEW scholarship her senior year at WMU, she became involved with the Northern California chapter, serving on the organization’s mentoring committee. She has helped develop this same committee in Denver, leading college outreach to educate students about NEW, as well as the food and consumer package goods industries.

First Job: “A local diner in my hometown call Chamois—I have been interested in food since the start! I can make a pretty topnotch peanut butter milkshake upon request.”