The capstone experience of Western Michigan University's interdisciplinary health services program is a required internship in the United States or abroad, through which students can integrate and apply their knowledge and abilities, as well as hone skills in preparation for employment or graduate study. 

Students will meet with the internship coordinator to establish an appropriate, supervised placement that will further their education and professional objectives. A minimum of 200 clock hours is required for internships (some internships require more). A classroom seminar accompanies the internship placement.

Students who are formally accepted into the occupational therapy track will complete the required OT clinical field placement. 

Health and human service professionals may either pursue a clinical experience, provided it is in a situation outside their usual employment, or they may substitute a research project and an approved elective for this internship. 

Note: Some sites require pre-internship testing. You may be responsible for paying for these tests. Please see the student handbook for further details. To process your self-initiated background check, please review the background check information and instructions.

Before completing the internship application, please read the IHS internship placement process document.

Internship application

Application deadlines

Applications are due one year prior to the semester in which the student wants to begin the internship.

  • Fall internship: Nov. 1
  • Spring internship: April 1
  • Summer internship: May 1