Internship Site Categories

Do not contact any organization until you have met with Dr. Kathy Lewis Ginebaugh,  the Internship Coordinator.

The list below is a general list of the types of agencies that serve as sites for internships for the Western Michigan University healthcare services and sciences program. There is no guarantee that a particular internship will be available. Needs change within organizations, and internship opportunities and the duties they encompass may change accordingly. Also, many sites accept only one intern per semester.

If you are interested in a particular setting for internship represented here, please identify that internship on your application. The mandatory internship meeting is where you and the coordinators will develop specific sites you can pursue for placement.

  • Alzheimer's/dementia care facility
  • Blindness and low vision
  • Business/financial office
  • Child development center
  • Clinic
  • Community medical services
  • Community organization
  • Crisis intervention agency
  • Educational institution or affiliate
  • Fund- or awareness-raising organization
  • Home-care agency
  • Medical center/hospital
  • Nursing home/long-term care facility
  • Psychological testing center
  • Rehabilitation facility
  • Senior center

Other locations

Many students have found internships beyond the West Michigan area. Please contact the Internship Coordinator, Kathy Lewis Ginebaugh,, if you are planning to complete internship beyond the West Michigan area.