Clinical Practice in Health (CPH) Concentration

The Clinical Practice in Health concentration optimizes the clinical training for students who are already licensed, certified or registered in an allied health profession. To be eligible for this program, you must:

  1. Have an allied health associate degree from an accredited program
  2. Hold a current professional license, certification or registration
  3. Have successfully passed a state and/or nationally recognized examination

You will receive transfer credits in accordance with University policies for prior general education, science and elective courses. In addition, a prior learning assessment will determine your eligibility to receive up to 30 hours of upper division credit for the following Clinical Practice in Health Specialized Cognates.

clinical practice in health Specialized cognates

capstone Experience

Clinical Practice in Health concentration students may be able to transfer clinical placement experience to serve as their capstone experience.  However, if they are unable to transfer in a clinical placement with comparable requirements they will have to complete one of the following courses:

  • HSV 4890 - Health and Human Services Independent Research Credits: 3 hours (restricted to certified or licensed health professionals)
  • HSV 4895 - Capstone Project Credits: 3 hours (restricted to students working in health care)
  • HSV 4900 - Internship in Healthcare Services Credits: 4 hours (appropriate for most students)