Occupational Therapy Preparation (OTPrep) Concentration

If you are pursuing the BS-HSS and are interested in applying to the graduate program in Occupational Therapy you may take a set of courses in preparation for that program. This plan must include a capstone course.

Other occupational therapy graduate programs have similar but not necessarily identical prerequisites, you should check the requirements of your preferred graduate programs while pursuing your undergraduate degree.

We’ll prepare you with the necessary biomedical background, plus we’ll help instill professionalism, communication skills, skills in using research to make decisions, and we’ll help you understand our rapidly changing health care systems and policies.

This concentration will prepare you to apply to the WMU occupational therapy graduate program and graduate OT programs at other institutions. You must satisfy all the requirements of the HSS bachelor's degree, including the capstone experience. In addition, you will take the following courses:

Occupational Therapy Preparation Concentration cognate courses

  • BIOS 1120 - Principles of Biology - Credits: 3 hours
  • BIOS 2400 - Human Physiology - Credits: 4 hours
  • PSY 1000 - General Psychology - Credits: 3 hours
  • PSY 2500 - Abnormal Psychology - Credits: 3 hours
  • STAT 3660 - Data Analysis for Biosciences - Credits: 4 hours - OR
    STAT 1600 - Discovery with Data - Credits: 3 hours