Photo of Edward Roth
Director of the BRAIN Lab
(269) 387-5415
Photo of Ben Atchison
Chair Emeritus of Occupational Therapy
Photo of Lisa Baker
Professor of Psychology
(269) 387-4484
Photo of Christopher Biggs
Associate Professor of Composition
(269) 387-4716
Photo of Sangwoo Lee
Assistant Professor of Exercise Science
Photo of Ashley Sherwood
BRAIN Lab Graduate Assistant
(269) 387-8841
Photo of Ken Smith
Associate Professor for Music Education and Technology
(269) 387-4621
Photo of John Spitsbergen
Chair of the Department of Biological Sciences
(269) 387-5648
Photo of Alycia Sterenberg Mahon
BRAIN Lab Manager
(269) 387-8841
Photo of Michelle Suarez
Associate Professor
(269) 387-8467
Photo of Stephen Tasko
Associate Professor Emeritus