Paper Engineering

Kyle Manninen
Academic advisor for paper engineering.

Welcome! We are looking forward to hearing from you regarding your interest in our paper engineering program. Paper engineers are finding jobs in all of the most exciting technological and scientific industries. New developments in the ways trees are grown, harvested and processed and emerging projects like biofuels and biopolymers are creating opportunities in virtually every area of engineering and manufacturing. The paper industry is a key component in many businesses and touches many aspects of our lives. Career options include process engineering, technical services, pollution prevention, research and development, marketing and sales, manufacturing and much more. Western Michigan University provides leading-edge opportunities in the applications of nanotechnology, printing and ink development methods, recycling, paper mill operation control engineering, process control and instrumentation, printing, and chemical manufacturing. Paid summer internships and co-op programs give you practical hands-on experience. This means you'll be ready for your first job when you graduate from our program.

Jobs are waiting for our students upon graduation, with average annual starting salaries in excess of $70,000! A merit scholarship program, under the direction of the Paper Technology Foundation, can help you with your college expenses.

We look forward to welcoming you soon to the paper engineering program at Western Michigan University!

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