Welcome from the President

It is my great pleasure to congratulate the members of Western Michigan University’s Class of 2023. Earning your degree represents one of the major milestones in your lives and demarcates your transition from being college students to WMU alumni.  

I join with your families and friends who celebrate this immense accomplishment and who take no small sense of pride in how far their loved ones have come. You have faced and overcame many challenges during the course of your recent unconventional college years, and now you can look forward to a vast array of opportunities spread out before you as you embark on the next chapter in your lives.  

Throughout their time with us as Broncos, our students have proven again and again that they possess the grit and determination to achieve success and reach their goals. As we collectively move forward into the future, I hope that the challenges of the past few years will have helped us all develop a deeper sense of compassion for others, reinforce our stores of resilience and bolster our resolve to push forward and build fuller careers and better lives. Our graduates were already looking toward the future, and we sorely need them to fully utilize their years of training and potential now as never before. Our world needs the leadership, skills, values and compassion of this generation of Broncos to help lead us all forward.  

president montgomery shakes the hand of a graduate on stage

I want to again extend my heartfelt congratulations to all of our graduates. We know they did not get to this moment on their own, so I also want to thank the parents, spouses and partners, children, extended family members, friends, faculty, staff members and community partners who have played a significant role in supporting them through their pathways. Each one of these graduates has benefited from a support network that has provided guidance, tough love, laughter and encouragement throughout the journey that is culminating with a diploma, greater understanding and a wealth of valuable experiences.  

We are not focused on endings today but on new beginnings. Graduates, as you move forward with your future plans in starting your career, continuing your studies or building a successful life, know that you are well prepared but never be afraid to ask for or extend a helping hand. You are part of a worldwide Bronco family that is always there for each other. It’s always a great day to be a Bronco!  

Congratulations and warm regards, 

Edward Montgomery
Western Michigan University