The Department of Gender and Women's Studies at Western Michigan University offers a diverse array of courses.

Gender and Women's Studies courses

Upcoming course offerings for students pursuing a gender and women's studies major or minor:

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General education

For students in catalog years up to and including 2019-20, there are six GWS classes that fulfill four general education distribution areas. One GWS class fulfills the General Education baccalaureate writing requirement.

Area II: Humanities

  • GWS 1000: Media and the Sexes

Area III: The United States, Cultures and Issues

  • GWS 2000: Introduction to Gender and Women's Studies
  • GWS 2010: LGBT Studies
  • GWS 3500: Psychological Perspectives on Gender

Area IV: Other Cultures and Civilizations

  • GWS 3200: Women, Globalization and Social Change

Area VII: Natural Science and Technology, Applications and Implications

  • GWS 3400: Race, Gender and Science

Proficiency 2: Baccalaureate Level Writing

  • GWS 4010: Foundations of Feminist Theory

Special topics

The department offers variable topics courses at the 3000- and 4000-level, all of which count toward the GWS major and minor. Graduate students sometimes enroll in topics courses under GWS 5980: Readings in Gender and Women's Studies. Contact the department for more information.

GWS 3700: Special Topics

Recent topics have included witch and princess stories, gender and sexuality in modern Chinese literature and culture, queer history, and women and politics.

GWS 4100: Special Topics

Recent offerings have included Gender and Law; Motherhood Denied? Race, Class, and Reproductive Rights; Black Feminisms; and Queer Theory.