Enyedi Gender Equity and Social Justice Fund


2016 WMU Feminist Campers Shay Bracewell and Alaina Gabrielson with Soapbox founders Jennifer Baumgardner and Amy Richards

For the third consecutive year, Western Michigan University's Department of Gender and Women's Studies sent two students to Feminist Camp, with funds from the Enyedi Fund for Gender Equity and Social Justice Leadership. Organized by Soapbox, Inc., Feminist Camp provides an opportunity to spend six days in New York City with a group of campers interested in deepening their understanding of feminism and learn from professionals and activists on-the-ground about such issues as reproductive justice, campus sexual assault and using media for social change.


Enyedi Fund purpose and history

Social justice advocates Alex and Andrea Enyedi launched a gender equity fund, managed by the WMU Department of Gender and Women's Studies, to invigorate and accelerate scholarly work related to fairness and justice. “We’re concerned about the fair treatment of women in the workplace and we are eager to ensure students have opportunities to explore gender equity and social justice as part of their WMU education,” said Alex Enyedi, former dean of the WMU’s College of Arts and Sciences from 2010-15. Andrea Enyedi is a passionate and long-time supporter of social justice and community development and is “delighted to offer support to those at WMU who champion gender equality, literacy and LGBT rights.”

The Enyedis’ generosity fuels research, leadership and experiential learning with a focus on transforming the culture of WMU and beyond. Meant to support academic work in the areas of gender equity and social justice, as well as to develop leaders in these areas, the Alex and Andrea Enyedi Gender Equity and Social Justice Fund motivates and rewards students, faculty and staff who share the social justice values of the fund’s creators. The fund supports the following kinds of initiatives:

  • Student and faculty research that addresses gender equity and social justice.

    Donors Andrea and Alex Enyedi

  • Professional development opportunities for faculty and staff focused on the development of higher education leaders committed to gender equity and social justice.
  • Internships and leadership opportunities for students with a focus on gender equity and social justice.
  • Scholarly speakers, conferences and workshops related to advancing gender equity in higher education.

The Enyedis invite donors to make a financial contribution to the fund.