2017 Winners

Each year, students from across Western Michigan University's campus participate in PITCH to compete for cash prizes and take advantage of an important networking opportunity. Each company is allowed one person to present their pitch. In 2017, seven teams continued to the final round judged by business community members.

First Place

  • Video of Just Right Temp
    $2,000 award: Just Right Temp, pitched by Morgan Kronner. Other business partners include industrial and entrepreneurial engineering majors Victoria Blaine, Sarah Jozwiak and Aseel Munshi.

Just Right Temp is a device that monitors and helps regulate human body temperature while sleeping to combat insomnia.

Second Place

  • Video of The Rotating Drying Rack
    $1,400 award: The Rotating Drying Rack, pitched by Emma Dubensky, a civil engineering major. Other business partners include industrial and entrepreneurial engineering majors Cortney York and Jasmine Fails; and Michael Leonard, a geology major.

The Rotating Drying Rack is a slow spinning rack that solves the need for increased airflow and provides many other benefits when drying clothes. The design is quiet, low-energy, speeds up the drying process and leaves clothes smelling fresh.

Third Place

  • Video of Smart Shot MP4 16 9 HD Export
    $800 award: Smart Shot, pitched by Conner Knepley, a mechanical engineering major. Knepley’s business partner is Jorge Diaz-Sanin, also a mechanical engineering major.

Smart Shot is an advanced interactive pistol training system for law enforcement officers and armed civilians. The safe system prepares shooters for self-defense encounters and also includes an integrated cell phone application.  

Video of Multi Use Recyclable Arcade MP4 16 9 HD Export
Fourth Place

  • $500 award: Multi Use Recyclable Arcade, pitched by Ramin Mirshab, a mechanical engineering major.

The Multi Use Recyclable Arcade plays a variety of classic arcade games and lasts longer than other gaming devices. It is made with 100 percent post-consumer recycled goods.

People’s Choice

  • $300 award: Smart Shot

Other Finalists

Mystery Social: An entertainment service company that hosts interactive murder mystery games for social and corporate events.

Pitcher: Vladimir Lezzhov, sales and business marketing major

The Mask: A redefined resuscitation mask focusing on the safety of the victim.

Pitcher: Nicole Corla, industrial and entrepreneurial engineering major

Additional team members: Doni Graham and Joanna Wisniewski and Amber Delgado, industrial and entrepreneurial engineering majors

Retractable USB Outlet: A USB outlet designed to extend the range of use of products that are charging and to be more accessible and easier to use than competitor products.

Pitcher: Joshua Yingling, industrial engineering major

Team members: Evan Semrau, Amjad Homadi, Abdulelah Bajammal and Casey Scharrer, industrial engineering majors