2021 Winners

View of open laptop with students presenting their business ideas virtuallyStudents from across Western Michigan University's campus, as well as regional high schools, participated virtually in the ninth annual K.C. O’Shaughnessy Competition and Showcase. One person from each company is allowed to present the pitch for their team's innovative idea.

First Place

  • $2,000 award: Pitched by industrial and entrepreneurial engineering students Carlie Moon, Katrina Hoyt, Slava Vorobyov, and Madison Wegner.

Freezer Smart is a durable, metal storage system that helps people with freezer units at the top of their fridge organize their frozen items for maximum space, visual display and ventilation. Uniquely designed to be adjustable both vertically and horizontally, the shelving system also has design features that make it impossible for food to fall out of the freezer and onto the floor—features that help ice out the competition in this market.

Second Place and People's Choice Award

  • $1,700 award: Pitched by engineering design technology student Spencer Rochowiak.

P & C Golf Club Swing Correction Golf Tee is a reusable tee device that gives users feedback on their golf swing—and was a hole in one for this company, which aims to provide the cheapest solutions to perfecting one's golf game.

Third Place

  • $800 award: Pitched by industrial and entrepreneurial engineering students Adeline Cichon, Collin Eager and Abriana Littleton

String Ease is a product that helps re-string drawstrings from hoodies and active wear that have worked themselves loose in the laundry. 

Fourth Place

  • $500 award: Pitched by industrial and entrepreneurial engineering students Aarush Gupta, Ryan McIntosh, Seth Paige and Noah Tanguay.

Bronco Propellor is a low-drag propeller for consumer and commercial applications that creates sustainable solutions for boating and shipping, leaving competitors in their wake.