2021-22 TRIO Future Educator Success Program Application


  • Enrolled in WMU Undergraduate earning a first Bachelor's degree
  • In a teacher preparation program
  • Two meetings a semester with your TRIO FESP advisor
  • Active participation in TRIO FESP events
  • Incoming freshman are required to take a TRIO FESP First-Year Experience course
Personal Information
Your nine-digit WMU Identification Number.
(Select all that apply)
(Ex. He/Him/His, She/Hers/Her, They/Them/Theirs, etc.)
Education Information
Taxable Income Statement
To determine your eligibility for the TRIO Future Educator Success Program, we must have your family’s federal taxable income. If you are a dependent, please list taxable income for you and your parents as filed on your 2020 Federal tax return. You can find the information: form 1040 line 43, form 1040A line 27, and form 1040EZ line 6.
(Student, siblings, and parents that live with you and are claimed on federal tax return)
(If yes, no parent/guardian acknowledgement is required)
(Choose at least 3)
I am willing to make the commitment to participate in TRiO Future Educator Success Program. I give TRiO permission to use pictures/video of me on their web page and any other promotional materials in addition to collect information about my participation in the program. I understand that this information will be used to develop statistical data for reports/publications, to evaluate the program, and to assess my academic and career needs. To the best of my knowledge the information on this form is true and accurate.
By checking this box, I acknowledge that I am the parent or guardian of the student filling out this form and the information on this form is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge.