TRIO Future Educator Success Program Application

Membership requirements

  • Enrolled in WMU Undergraduate earning a first Bachelor's degree
  • In a teacher preparation program
  • Two meetings a semester with your TRIO FESP advisor
  • Active participation in TRIO FESP events
  • Incoming freshman are required to take a TRIO FESP First-Year Experience course
Personal Information
Your nine-digit WMU Identification Number.
(Select all that apply)
(Ex. He/Him/His, She/Hers/Her, They/Them/Theirs, etc.)
Education Information
Taxable Income Statement
To determine your eligibility for the TRIO Future Educator Success Program, we must have your family’s federal taxable income. If you are a dependent, please list taxable income for you and your parents as filed on your 2021 or 2022 Federal tax return. You can find the information: form 1040 line 15, form 1040-SR line 15.
(leave blank if dependent)
(Student, siblings, and parents that live with you and are claimed on federal tax return)
(If yes, no parent/guardian acknowledgement is required)
(Choose at least 3)
I am willing to make the commitment to participate in TRIO Future Educator Success Program. I give TRIO permission to use pictures/video of me on their web page and any other promotional materials in addition to collect information about my participation in the program. I understand that this information will be used to develop statistical data for reports/publications, to evaluate the program, and to assess my academic and career needs. To the best of my knowledge the information on this form is true and accurate.
By checking this box, I acknowledge that I am the parent or guardian of the student filling out this form and the information on this form is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge.