Membership Suspension Form


  • A member in good standing (zero balance) can suspend their membership for 1–12 months for injury, illness, or out-of-town purposes.
  • If I need to extend my membership's suspension (based on the dates below), this form must be completed and submitted with a new start date.
  • A monthly maintenance fee of $7 applies to all suspensions (unless suspended for medical reasons or injury).
  • If I have not completed my initial contract, the expiration date of my contract will be adjusted accordingly.
  • Completing this form will suspend all members of your account. If you do not want to suspend the entire account, please get in touch with our sales manager at (269) 387-0410.
  • Members under contract cannot suspend their membership due to non-usage in June, July, and Aug.
  • Please note a suspension of your membership will begin and resume on the first day of the selected months.
  • Please note a suspension request cannot be backdated. Suspension requests will not be processed for the current month.

If you do not meet these criteria or are unsure, please call the accounts manager (269) 387-0423. (* indicated required fields)

I authorize West Hills to resume my monthly dues beginning the month I have given above to unsuspend my membership. It is my responsibility to keep autopay information current when my membership is suspended.