Weight Loss wording over a scale that is being wrapped by a tape measure around the middle.

WHAC Weight Loss Challenge



This year’s WHAC weight loss challenge has been such a success. The combination of exercise and the Biometrics meal plan truly helped participants reap the benefits of improving their health and wellness. We always preach exercise and nutrition go hand in hand, with the introduction of the meal plan clients were able to learn about creating healthy eating habits and excel in their wellness journey. This team challenge was not just about weight loss, we had fun and met some lifelong workout buddies. Through challenges that pushed everyone to work together, our teams built strong relationships. One of my favorite challenges had to be the costume contest, we got to see our teams collaborate to put together some fun costumes, and it pushed people outside their comfort zone. The goal of this weight loss challenge truly was to create lifelong healthy habits, many people learned from working with their trainers and integrating a nutrition plan. In return, there were many successful participants with weight individual weight losses of over 50 lbs.


As mentioned by Olivia, this year's challenge was a bit different in the way of including nutrition with physical activity. Our goal was to get away from people going on crash diets and just losing weight at any cost. We all know crash diets don’t work long-term. They only hinder your metabolism and cause dramatic muscle loss. The Biometrics meal plan and strength training were a true success. We had many participants not only lose significant weight but most of them maintained muscle mass or in some cases even gained muscle mass. This is a big success for long-term health. These lifestyle changes will be carried on as many of our participants continue to work with their teams and trainers. Look for this challenge next year or contact WHAC if you want to start sooner.


Weight Loss Challenge Includes

Program includes:

  • 2 one-hour training sessions per week with your trainer and your team
  • 1 weekly group workout customized by your trainer for your group to do on your own
  • Customized Biometrics® Meal Plan
  • Pre- and post-fitness testing
  • Pre- and post-body composition analysis

Ways to Win

  • Team winner:  highest percentage of weight loss as a team
  • Individual winner:  highest percentage of weight loss
  • Weekly team challenge:  different challenges between teams each week, weekly points awarded, most points at the end, wins

Grand Prizes

Winning Team

The winning team will receive a free eight-week SMG training session, training two times per week for 45 min. (March 21–May 15).

Individual Winner

The individual winner will receive 24 weeks of free SMG training (March 21–Sept. 2).


West Hills staff's team—WHAC Jobs

WHAC Job is West Hill's Weight Loss Challenge team—you may spot them sharing an apple with natural peanut butter for a snack from the Biometrics food plan.




My wife and I started on our journey to better health seven weeks ago and we couldn't have imagined how incredible the experience has been. The Biometrics diet part of the journey has been great as we have learned about portion sizes and nutrition and our training has been awesome to improve our strength and be sure that we are losing fat and not muscle. I have lost 30 lbs thus far and my wife has lost 20 lbs, and we can't wait for the next few weeks, but most of all this program is sustainable as we are learning about how to live healthy not just lose weight. Thanks, Olivia, Reese, Dre, and Tyler for this incredible experience.
James R. Springstead


Weekly Challenges

  • Week 1—Step Challenge

    Submit your average step count from 1/15-1/19 by 1/20 the team with the highest average step count wins.

  • Week 2—Hydration Challenge

    What should you be drinking? Water, lots and lots of water. Keep a log from 1/22–1/26 of the oz of water you drank each day. Submit to your trainer by 1/27.

  • Week 3—Plank Challenge

    During one of your training sessions, your trainer will time your everyone's plank hold, encourage each other to keep holding as long as you can, and average the team time will be submitted—the team with the longest average wins.

  • Week 4—Meal Accountability Challenge

    We want to make sure you are following those meal plans. On 2/7 Snap a picture of each meal and text your trainer. The team with the highest average meals submitted wins.

  • Week 5—Squat Challenge

    Bring Sally Up Bring Sally Down, those lyrics sound familiar? During your training session, you will be squatting up, down, and holding to the song “ Bring Sally Up”. Yes, your legs will be on fire, see if you can last the whole song. The times each team member completes will be recorded and the highest average wins.

  • Week 6—Workout Costume Contest

    Who doesn't like a costume contest? Monday or Tuesday (whatever is your first workout of the week) will be a dress-up day! We want to see your absolute best gym fit. Team pictures will be taken and a Google survey will be sent out where everyone can see all the costumes and vote on their favorite. The member with the highest votes wins the point for their team.

  • Week 7—Balance Challenge

    Grab a bosu ball and focus because we are going to be working on some balance. This challenge will get progressively harder, the goal is to have the most participants still on the bosu by the end of the challenge.

  • Week 8—Gym Trivia

    A series of questions related to the gym to be put together and you will work as a team to answer the questions ( but you better be quick only 30 sec to answer). The team with the highest number of correct answers wins.

  • Week 9—Burpee Challenge

    Line up and give me burpees! Your team will work together to pass the plate down the line with a burpee in between. The team to complete the challenge in the shortest time wins.

Challenge Results

Week 1—step challenge

Team WHAC Jobs took the point with an average of  11,851 steps per day.

Week 2—hydration challenge

Team Pizza Mafia averaged 139 oz. Must have been salty pizza! Way to stay hydrated, team!

Week 3—plank challenge

Team T/TH 5:30–6:30 p.m. averaged 3 min. 30 sec. to win the plank challenge.

Week 4—meal accountability challenge

There was a tie this week between the Untouchables and Waist Management teams, both sending in 100% of their food photos. 

Week 5—squat challenge

Untouchables for the win, by 10 seconds. 

Week 6—workout costume challenge

Jurassic Park-WHAC edition: WHAC Jobs took this one. But, did you see any Dre duplicates or fish? 

Week 7—balance challenge

Team WHAC Jobs had an average of 4:29 minutes of balance on a Bosu ball. Tough challenge.

Week 8—gym trivia challenge

Team T/TH 5:30 p.m. answered quickly and correctly for the win.

Week 9—burpee challenge

Team WHAC Jobs passed the plate and finished their burpees quickly. Who likes burpees? Get them done!