• DENSO North America Foundation awards $50,000 grant

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  • Formula FSAE team off to a fast start

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  • Auto lab upgrades make it a premier teaching and research facility

    Auto lab upgrades make it a premier teaching and research facility

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  • WMU 3D Virtual Lab

    WMU's 3D Virtual Lab provides hands-on learning

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  • WMU Mechanical Engineering Students develop high-tech motorcycle safety device

    WMU students develop motorcycle safety device

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The Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering offers a combination of coursework, laboratory and design experiences to prepare you for a career in mechanical or aerospace engineering. Our programs offer students diverse and multidimensional education that addresses fundamental understanding of the underlying mathematics, sciences, and engineering, design methodologies, use of modern simulation and design tools and extensive laboratories for undergraduate and graduate instruction and research. We offer programs leading to a Bachelor of Science, Master of Science, Doctor of Philosophy in engineering (mechanical), and a Bachelor of Science, and Master of Science in engineering (aerospace). Mechanical and aerospace engineering is a dynamic and continually evolving profession. Mechanical engineers design, build and maintain the products and processes that define industrial and post-industrial societies.