Biomedical Sciences

Western Michigan University helps many students prepare for entrance into premiere medical and dental schools. The University's biomedical sciences program is designed to produce highly qualified candidates for professional programs and to prepare students for careers in health and medical research, monitoring and treatment.

As a biomedical student at WMU, you will study life processes and anatomy to gain a broad understanding of health and the methods for diagnosing and treating disease. Your coursework will include human and molecular biology, cellular biology, genetics, microbiology and physiology. You'll complete a capstone experience, which includes a senior seminar class in a specialized area or independent research carried out with a WMU professor.

Specifically, WMU's biomedical sciences program will prepare you for:

  • Employment in clinics, research labs, industrial labs, and state and federal agencies.
  • Advanced training at the graduate and professional levels.
  • Advanced training in such clinical areas as physician assistant, pharmacy and physical therapy.

Beyond the classroom

If you decide to major in biomedical sciences at WMU, you will want to consider joining the American Medical Student Association, a nationally recognized organization for undergraduate students in premedical, pre-dental and biomedical science programs. WMU's chapter gets students involved in the community and advises them on which courses to take, how to apply to medical school, and how to get involved in volunteer and research opportunities. The organization also hosts doctors, nurses, physician assistants, advisors and others who provide insight into the health care industry.

WMU also has a number of opportunities for paid and unpaid internships with groups like Bronson Hospital, Borgess Hospital and MPI Research, a company servicing pharmaceutical, biotech, chemical, agricultural and related industries.

After you graduate

Recent WMU graduates with degrees in biomedical sciences are working as:

  • Health aids
  • Researchers
  • Patient care assistants
  • Medical claims representatives
  • Medical sales and marketing associates
  • Technicians

Among the organizations they work for are:

  • Clinics
  • Research and industrial labs
  • Pharmacies
  • State and federal agencies

More than one-third of WMU's biomedical graduates progress directly to professional medical, dental or veterinary medicine programs. There is a 90 percent acceptance rate among WMU students who apply to med school.

Career Outcomes

Where is this program offered?

  • Kalamazoo

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