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The future belongs to the thinkers

Our world is increasingly complex and connected. How can chemistry help us address climate change? How do we protect businesses against the cyber threats of tomorrow? Interdisciplinary programs prepare students to bring the thinking needed to solve grand challenges.

Interdisciplinary programs for an interconnected world

A great education doesn't mean a straightforward formula—sometimes you have to mix it up. Giving you a well-rounded education is our priority at Western. Our interdisciplinary degree programs combine the power and resources of different colleges and disciplines to create a comprehensive program focused on preparing you to solve complex problems and collaborate successfully in our interconnected world. Come mix it up with us.

Interdisciplinary programs

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A degree track made for you, by you

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You have the power of choice when you pursue one of WMU's interdisciplinary programs. By taking advantage of our wide-ranging academic resources, you can create your own major by choosing different courses throughout the colleges to create a degree program that fits your goals. This cross-collaboration between departments and colleges offers an experience that is focused on your success.

Student quote

  • I often describe myself as the shy, introverted kid who had a lot of passion and a lot of drive for things, but I didn't really know where to place it or what to do with it. And I think coming (to Western) really taught me that there's a place for every passion and there's a mechanism for every drive you have to do things.

    Laila Stein, B.S.'23 aviation flight science, B.S.'23 aviation management

We support you in every way

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    Get more access to your future. Your home for career exploration, Career and Student Employment Services is the perfect place to explore your interests and talk with expert staff about the majors that best align with your career aspirations.

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    Design your own passion project. WMU Signature encourages students to create an experience where they apply what they have learned inside and outside of the classroom to complete an integrative learning project. All students have the opportunity to complete a project that is unique to their passions and purpose.

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    What better way to learn than by giving back? With WMU's Service Learning program, students can give back to their communities while strengthening critical-thinking skills, realizing the importance of civic engagement and fostering relationships that could grow into a professional network.

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